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Deirdre McCloskey on Gender Crossing

"... As May West might put it, 'I was Snow White . . . but I drifted!' Until 1995 I was named — and was — "Donald." ... Married for 30 happy years, with two grown children (who alas have not spoken to me since 1995), I live on Printer's Row in Chicago with my Norwich terrier named Will Shakespeare and my Episcopal church across the street — which is why I'm always late for church!"
Deirdre McCloskey

Of interest:

Video: "It's Good to be a Don if You're Going to Be a Deirdre: Gender Crossing in Academia", Oxford Libertarian Society, 14 May 2010. »


From Lynn Conway's website:

"Lynn is the first truly successful case to come out of long-term stealth and tell her story. That story should give hope to young transsexuals.

Lynn Conway
It should help parents see possibilities for happiness for a transsexual daughter-to-be, especially if they were to support their child's efforts to transform a "boy's" body and become a woman early enough in life. It should also give employers pause for thought before firing someone - just because of their transsexualism.
"The day will come when gender transition is no longer seen as a sad, somewhat shameful and tragic event, but instead a wonderful life-giving miracle for those so unfortunate as to have been mis-gendered at birth. Lynn hopes to live to see that day."