Fritz Stueland and Helen, Donny and Bob McCloskey, 1948 Bob McCloskey Donny, about 1949 Grandfather Fritz Stueland Granny and Grandpa Stueland on tour, 1956 Smith Rabb, Carleton Winks Helen McCloskey brings home Laura, 1952 The Winks girls, Helen on left, Marion, Lottie Great aunt Barbara, Joanne, Granny Stueland, Donald with Meg, 1978 Daughter Meg with ducks, York, 1983 Joanne and Meg at Fingal's Cave, Mull 1983 Daughter Meg at 6 years Meg, exhausted at Grand Canyon, 1985 Laura, Mom, and Donald at Laura's wedding Son Daniel McCloskey Michelle Nolan, Dan McCloskey, Joanne McCloskey, 1995 Mom with Janie Austen Mom in Florida, 1997 Sisters, reconciled Norwegian cousins Norwegian cousins Deirdre and Mom Connor and Lily McCloskey Deirdre's grandson, Connor McCloskey Cousin Phil Ryan Daniel McCloskey and Michelle Nolan, 1995 Granny Stueland and John McCloskey, 1995 Granny Stueland, age 97 Meg and Dan McCloskey, 1995 Mom with Joe Cunningham, Paris, 1996 Norwegian cousins outside the Stueland farm Stueland cabin, Dimelsvik, Norway William Shakespeare McCloskey William Shakespeare McCloskey cousins Kate and Anne Helen McCloskey, mother, summer 2007 John McCloskey, brother, summer 2007 cousin Paul McCloskey, summer 2007