Daily Archives: April 22, 2007

Alice writes:

Dear Deirdre,

I’ve not spoken with you for a while but hope to meet you again in the near future. Any change of you coming to NL again this year?

Somehow both your book ‘Crossing' and our conversation last summer have had great impact on me. It's good to have an example when you travel through the transition. Love you for the inspiration.

We're all still together at home and I started on my PhD on accessibility and completeness of transgender care in NL and it's such a rewarding work! Also recently I started writing a play that will be performed for the first time in June. Truly a dream to work with professional actors on a ‘Festen'-like play concerning family relations and transsexuality. Amazing to see what these actors make of it.

Anyway, things are working out ok for us here and I sure hope it's much the same for you.

Compliments on your beautiful website. What an improvement!

Alice Verheij