STOCKHOLM, 18 May 2010: Heckscher lecture on “Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World”

Center for Business Law,
Saltmätargatan 19 C

Professor Deirdre McCloskey holds this year’s Heckscher lecture

The lecture, given in memory of Eli F. Heckscher, will be on “Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World.”

Bourgeois Dignity, McCloskey’s most recent book (to be published this fall by University of Chicago Press) is the second of a six-volume series beginning with Bourgeois Virtues. The rough draft of volume 3, Bourgeois Revaluation, is also available on this site.

Date/place: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 from 5:15-6:45 PM in KAW, Stockholm School of Economics

File locations:

— Information on Bourgeois Virtues
Bourgeois Dignity (draft 2009)
The Bourgeois Revaluation (early draft)
—Praise for Bourgeois Virtues

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