One thought on “WASHINGTON DC, 5-6 August 2012: keynoting American Accounting Association annual meetings, Monday morning

  1. In hyperinflation wages can’t keep up with risnig prices because hyperinflation is brought on by enormous debt that causes borrowing and production costs to rise too high for companies to survive. If companies don’t have the money to stay in business, they sure as hell don’t have the money to raise the wages of it’s employees. You can’t expect to get a raise when unemployment is rapidly risnig.If anything wages will be decreasing for those lucky enough to find or keep a job.That is unless you are getting paid in gold/silver and you can only get paid in gold/silver if who you’re working for has gold/silver.But this is the positive thing about what is happening. Since people will need to get paid in gold/silver to survive and being that there is only so much gold/silver out there, people will be working/producing more to get that gold/silver. People will have to in order to afford the things they need. And the gold/silver will be spent wisely as it will be rare. So the gold and silver will go to those who do jobs that are worth the gold/silver.It will take allot of hard back breaking work but the economy will be better for it.Those who get the silver/gold now as it is cheap will not have as hard of a time surviving as those who get it later, after the hyperinflationary prices have set in.

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