2 thoughts on “IOWA CITY, 13-14 March 2013: Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa

  1. coz and his sexual utmiianpsojust correcting that for the record, obviously i am anti-(human)utopian and anti sexual-utopian, being a christian, i think that only god can deliver a utopian existence, when humans try it, it always fails.Does my definition of “perfect woman” being a 22 year old Jane Fonda make everything a bit more normal or not?yeah, my god, she was awesome, jaw droppingly so, have you seen Les Felins? with the equally awesome (i am female) Alain Delon?

  2. So she’s a goddess rahetr than some average hairy male god, yea? Who does she look like, coz? like her father (henry), her brother (peter), her niece (bridget). In Roger Vadim’s life however she followed the big one, the one they all aspire to Brigitte Bardot.sad to think that you young folks didn’t get these films on late night tv, like my generation did.

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