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Marco Scheele on ethics without God

Dear Deirdre McCloskey,

First of all I’d like to say what a brilliant website you have…one can even post a comment and have a reply (if one is lucky).

I heard about you from the Beyond Belief meeting almost a year ago. I watched the lectures on the Internet.

Being an atheist this whole thing about having an ethical society without religion is something I like hearing as many informed views about as possible.

I haven't read many economists’ books. Can you advise one for a lay person like myself?

And maybe you would like to say something about how you managed to become a successful academic with the specific speech defect you have. As a matter of fact mine didn't happen for that same reason; a remarkable likeness by the way. I wonder if you have some wisdom to share. Did you always have it and how did you refrain from becoming cynical?

Thanks in advance,
Marco Scheele