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Deirdre McCloskey on Gender Crossing

"... As May West might put it, 'I was Snow White . . . but I drifted!' Until 1995 I was named — and was — "Donald." ... Married for 30 happy years, with two grown children (who alas have not spoken to me since 1995), I live on Printer's Row in Chicago with my Norwich terrier named Will Shakespeare and my Episcopal church across the street—which is why I'm always late for church!"
Deirdre McCloskey

Video: "It's Good to be a Don if You're Going to Be a Deirdre: Gender Crossing in Academia", Oxford Libertarian Society, 14 May 2010.

Essay by Doug C. Wise: “Necessity and Deirdre McCloskey: Notes on Crossing (December 2016).

From Lynn Conway's website:

Lynn Conway

"Lynn is the first truly successful case to come out of long-term stealth and tell her story. That story should give hope to young transsexuals.

"It should help parents see possibilities for happiness for a transsexual daughter-to-be, especially if they were to support their child's efforts to transform a 'boy's' body and become a woman early enough in life. It should also give employers pause for thought before firing someone—just because of their transsexualism.

"The day will come when gender transition is no longer seen as a sad, somewhat shameful and tragic event, but instead a wonderful life-giving miracle for those so unfortunate as to have been mis-gendered at birth. Lynn hopes to live to see that day."